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Whether you’re moving in Brooklyn, or moving in or out of the NYC area, using a storage facility for some or all your possessions can make a complicated move much easier. If you’re moving into a temporary location, a moving and storage company will load up your belongings and store them in their warehouse until your permanent home is ready, then deliver and unload them for you. Retirees and anyone downsizing should consider storage services with their moving contract; have the movers deliver just what you need, and safely store your extra possessions in Brooklyn. Moving and storage companies can also arrange packing and shipping for you, if you’re sending possessions to a second home or elsewhere. To declutter your New York area home, pack up off-season clothing and sports equipment or extra furniture, and move things to storage permanently. Moving and storage services have their own warehouse facilities, and some also offer storage units for long term rental. Cheap Movers Brooklyn has a large database of New York area moving and storage companies; search our site for the services you need, and we’ll get you a free quote.

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Whether your storage is short- or long-term, when choosing your Brooklyn moving and storage service here are some things to look for:



Walk around the facility and make sure it’s kept clean. The company should provide a dumpster for trash disposal, and there should never be old boxes or trash left lying around. Driveways and outdoor areas swept or blown clean of leaves and dirt, so nothing blows inside.



To keep your belongings safe, warehouse and storage access must require a key and passcode. The property should be fenced and gated. Security cameras should be focused on the gates and doorways. For the highest level of security, the facility should always have staff on-site.



Find out which hours you can enter the building – some spaces are available 24 hours. Ask if you’ll be able to access your belongings yourself, or if staff needs to retrieve them for you. Can you drive your vehicle close to your storage area? If not, see if they provide carts for loading.



Does the storage service fit your budget? Many Brooklyn moving and storage companies have a warehouse facility where you may not be able to retrieve things yourself. Self-storage facilities are more expensive, but you’ll have a private space you can access any time.



NY area moving and storage services include general warehouse space, dedicated warehouse space within a fenced area, or self-storage units. If your moving service offers self-storage, they’ll have a variety of storage unit sizes, from 5’ x 5’ lockers to large 10’x20’ storage rooms that will hold the contents of an entire apartment.



Choose a climate-controlled storage unit for delicate wood furnishings, art, and photos or film that could get damaged by extreme temperatures. This is an expensive option in NYC, but it’s worth the extra cost to preserve your important memories or valuable collections.

When to Use a Moving and Storage Company

There are lots of useful applications for an all-in-one moving and storage company:



Moving into a home or apartment isn’t always done in one step – if you’re still house-hunting, waiting on a closing, or downsizing to retire, you may need to store your possessions during the process. Your Brooklyn movers will take everything to storage, and then redeliver it when the time is right.



Extra business equipment, files, or inventory can be hard to manage in your location. A moving and storage company can warehouse your extra inventory, or keep equipment secure until you need it.



Nice furniture is expensive – it can be worth the cost to store furniture that doesn’t fit in your home or apartment. If you’re combining households or downsizing, Cheap Movers Brooklyn can help find a storage facility for your extra furniture.



Wine collectors often need extra storage space for their collections. Wine must be stored at specific temperatures and making room in an NYC residence may not be an option. Many storage facilities offer secure, long term wine storage at controlled temperatures.



A climate-controlled, secure storage facility keeps valuable art pieces preserved and protected. Whether you’re a serious collector or just buy what you like, we can recommend the best storage companies in New York for fine art pieces.



Storage warehouses can provide secure document storage for attorneys, medical facilities, and other industries.

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How to Pack Things in Your Storage Unit

Packing your storage unit carefully will maximize the available space and make it easier to find things you need. Before renting a space, make a list of what you have. Include your box sizes and how many you have of each. Itemize furniture, appliances, mattresses, and other large items. Bring it with you, so your moving and storage company can calculate what size storage unit you’ll need.


Next, sort out anything you’ll need to get from storage easily, like sports equipment, holiday decor, or seasonal clothes, and set them aside to be put in last. Now you can start packing your storage space. If you have large furniture or mattresses, start by stacking them on the back wall – you don’t want to have to move them to find other things later! Put heavy items like trunks, appliances, and boxes of books on the bottom, and then stack lighter items on top. Label your boxes on two sides and stack them with a label facing out.


Finally, leave a walkway from front to back down the center of your storage space. If you don’t have room to leave space, make a center row of lightweight, easy to move items so you can pull them out easily and use the walkway to get to the items in back.


To get help finding the Brooklyn storage space you need for your things, just give us a shout! Cheap Movers Brooklyn provides you with free quotes on moving and storage services in NYC.

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