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If you need to move your home or apartment in Brooklyn, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Should you rent a truck, round up friends and family, and take the DIY approach? This may sound like fun – but doing it yourself can take a lot more time, things may get broken, and someone may even get hurt. Residential moving services will pack and move your entire home or apartment for you, and at an affordable price. Hire professional movers to handle everything – or if your budget is tight, have them do only the heavy lifting. It’s less expensive, and much safer than relying on friends. Moving companies will also professionally wrap your large furniture and use the right equipment for appliances – services that are well worth the cost to prevent damage to valuable possessions. Cheap Movers Brooklyn is an online resource that specializes in finding qualified and insured movers in the Brooklyn and NYC metropolitan area. Request a free moving quote today!

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Find the Best Brooklyn Residential Moving Services

If you’re moving your home or apartment, we’re your best resource for finding a local Brooklyn moving company that is reliable, licensed and insured. We have hundreds of partner moving companies to help you – use our site for fast and free online quotes from qualified moving companies in the Brooklyn, NY area. Our residential moving services include:


Full-Service Moving

A full-service household move means the moving company handles everything for you, start to finish. After your in-home quote, your moving company will bring a professional team to pack everything, carefully wrapping fragile items, and securing all furniture and appliances. At your new home, they arrange furniture and rugs, and unpack boxes. Whether you live in an apartment, brownstone or traditional home, a full service moving company will make your residential move much easier.


Hourly Moving Services

Hourly services are budget-friendly for moving in-town. You can do your own packing and hire professional movers with a truck by the hour, half-day, or full day. Have everything boxed and ready to load up when the truck arrives.


Moving Your Apartment

Moving when you live in an apartment is as complicated, if not more so, than moving to or from a house. You may be liable for damage to hallways and stairwells, so hiring professional movers is a good idea. They know how to navigate furniture and appliances up and down stairs and through elevators.


Moving Your Condo or Co-Op

Condominium and co-op management usually has rules about moving in and out of the building. Often elevators need to be padded and moving is restricted to certain hours. Residential moving companies have extensive experience working in condos. Check with your building management company about the rules for moving, and let your movers know.


House Moves

Moving a household is a very personal event – you’ll want vetted and licensed movers working in your home. Our residential moving partners from the Brooklyn area will meet with you and give a firm quote. You can discuss budget, and whether you’d like to do your own packing, or have them handle it for you.


Packing, Wrapping, and Crating Services

Furniture, art, and decor need extra protection, or a custom crate might be necessary. Cheap Movers Brooklyn’s residential movers know how best to protect your valuables – they can wrap or professionally crate them for shipping.


Brooklyn Piano Movers

If you’re moving a piano in Brooklyn or New York City, let one of our residential moving professionals handle it for you. Our partner moving companies know how to handle these delicate instruments, so they travel and arrive safely.


Loading and Unloading

Let us find you a New York City mover to help you load or unload your household goods. Professional movers know how to load a truck, so your possessions are secured for travel. If you’re relocating to Brooklyn and driving a rented truck, hire professional movers to unload for you.

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NYC Residential Moving Checklist for a Smoother Move

Use this handy checklist to keep your relocation moving right along:


Things to Do Before You Move

  • Sort out your cupboards and closets and donate old clothes, toys, kitchen items, books, etc. Clearing the clutter will save time and money. 
  • Use brightly colored labels on boxes for each room of the house. Keep a stack of the colored labels and a big black marker handy during packing. 
  • Make a box of soft things to use for packing – fill it with old towels, t-shirts and bedding you’re planning to get rid of, then donate them after you move.
  • Get rid of heavy items like books and papers. They’re expensive to move, so donate surplus office supplies and books, and recycle old papers.
  • Cut down on house cleaning the week of your move – spend the time clearing clutter instead. You’ll need to clean everything when you move into your new home anyway!
  • Get your home office in order – if you have files you’re going to archive, box them up and label them for storage in your new house.
  • Get some extra large, clear plastic bags to pack pillows and bedding – it’s easy to see what’s in them when unpacking.
  • Pack a few boxes with essentials like soap and paper towels, toilet paper, towels, bedding, coffee maker and coffee, and a few light bulbs to help you get settled.
  • Label your essential boxes OPEN FIRST.

During and After Moving

  • Put a sign on the wall where you want large furniture pieces placed. “Center the bed on this wall,” for example, will save your movers lots of time. 
  • Explain your colored labels to the team unloading the truck, so they can put things in the right rooms. 
  • Find your boxes labeled OPEN FIRST.
  • Set up one bathroom with towels, soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Put your bed frames together as early as possible. Make the beds so you’re not doing it at midnight.
  • Stack boxes of glassware and china beside the china cabinet, so you can unpack them later.
  • Area Rugs are heavy, so ask the movers to help you place them under furniture.
  • Focus on unpacking your kitchen as soon as possible so you can get settled in quickly.
  • Enjoy your new apartment, house or home!

Before you do anything else, be sure to call Cheap Movers Brooklyn to find an affordable moving service near you. Request free quotes and compare rates today!

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