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Packing for a move can feel overwhelming – even if you’re moving in town, you still need to organize and pack things securely, so nothing gets broken. Professional advice and help with packing will protect your valuables and speed up the whole process of moving. Cheap Movers Brooklyn knows the best movers and packers in the New York City area. If you hire one of the professional moving companies in our network for a full-service move, they’ll pack everything for you. Ask your movers for a partial packing service and let the pros handle your fragile and difficult-to-pack furnishings. Even if you’re moving yourself in the Brooklyn area, you might need professional packers to wrap fragile items, or take apart and reassemble furniture and appliances during the move. Packing services are optional when you hire a mover. But if you must take furniture apart, or pack and protect valuables, consider hiring a team of packers so everything arrives in one piece.


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Packing Services to Make Your Move Better

Cheap Movers Brooklyn is your guide to moving and packing services in Brooklyn, NY. Find professional NYC moving companies to assist with your move for less:


Full-Service Packing and Unpacking

A full-service moving contract includes having professionals pack everything in your home. Your packers will assess your home and calculate the boxes and wrapping needed. They’ll disassemble bed frames, wrap furniture, and anchor the doors and shelves of kitchen appliances. From pots and pans to toiletries, full service packing means your moving company carefully packs your entire house for you. At your new home, the movers place furniture and unpack boxes.


Partial Packing

When you hire a moving company in Brooklyn to partially pack your home, meet with them in advance to confirm which items they’ll be packing for you. Partial packing is easier on your budget – just make sure you make the best use of your extra help. Have packers and movers handle heavy, valuable items like antiques, mirrors, or lighting, which may need crating. They can also take apart large furnishings like wall units or canopy beds. Professional movers will disassemble them and wrap each part, then put them back together for you at your new home.


Specialty Crating Services

Certain items, like ornate furniture, pianos, large art pieces, or mirrors, need to travel in a custom crate to arrive safely. Many of our NYC movers offer packing and crating services – they’ll pick up your item, take it their warehouse, and build a special wooden crate for it. Whether you’re moving an item locally in Brooklyn, or having it shipped long distance, a custom crate protects your most valuable pieces.


Taking Apart and Assembling Furniture

Moving a large furniture item like library shelves, a media center, or a canopy bed usually requires carefully taking the piece apart. Often these pieces are held together by unseen brackets and screws. A furniture moving company has the proper tools and knows how to disassemble furniture without damaging it. If you’re moving in to a new place in New York and need furniture assembled, you can hire a moving company to put it together correctly. Moving companies also deliver and assemble new furniture purchases for you.


Packing for Storage

Putting things in storage might be necessary when you live in Brooklyn or New York City – people often store heirlooms, sports equipment, or off-season clothing. When you pack for storage, plan for how long it will be stored and how often you’ll need it. Consider hiring a moving company to pack furnishings and clothing – they’ll be better protected from moisture and other forms of damage.


Unpacking Services

If you’ve arrived in Brooklyn with a truckload of possessions, you’ll need help unloading and unpacking. Cheap Movers Brooklyn has a list of qualified movers that can send a team to help you unpack and get settled. If you’re receiving a shipment of new furniture, or a storage pod, you’ll need help unpacking. Find NYC professional movers with the staff and equipment you need simply by searching our list.

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Tips for Packing Before You Move

Getting ready to move is where the real work of moving happens – there’s so much to prepare before you even start packing, and you want to stay organized as you box things up. These are our favorite tips to keep your move on track:


  • Clear out the clutter before you pack. Give each closet a once-over and get rid of any clothes, sports equipment or toys your family members don’t use. 
  • Check your living areas for items that belong to the kids and return them to the kids’ rooms, so they can be packed with their other belongings.
  • Clean out the kitchen cabinets. Kitchens tend to accumulate a lot of clutter, so this is the time to get rid of that junk drawer, toss containers without lids, and donate anything you can spare from the pantry.
  • Give your bathroom cabinets a thorough cleaning – throw out old medications, nearly-empty bottles, and that face cream you only used twice.
  • Look at your linen closet with a critical eye – do you really use all those sheets and towels? Pull out old linens and put them in a box to use for packing.
  • Use old towels to wrap lamps, trays, and other decorative items to protect them from scratching.
  • Assign a colored label to each room, and put a stack of labels, packing tape, and large black marker in every room so everyone can help pack a few boxes when they have a free moment.
  • Label every single box with the room and the contents – you’ll be glad you did!
  • Buy moving boxes – the uniform size and strong cardboard of moving boxes makes them easier to stack, so they’ll protect your possessions.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to pack your out-of-season clothes first and put shoes in the bottom.
  • Make a few “First Day” boxes with bedding, soap and toilet paper, towels, and a coffee maker or snacks, so you can be comfortable while you unpack. Label them and load them last so they come off the truck first.

To get a head start on packing for your move, be sure to give Cheap Movers Brooklyn a call!

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