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9 Secrets to Packing Like a Pro When Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting time in your life. You’ll want it to go as smooth as possible. Therefore, it’s important to start planning months in ahead. One of the most tedious aspects of moving is packing. Use these nine secrets to pack like Brooklyn movers & packers and prepare for the big move.

1. Eliminate What You Don’t Need and What can Easily be Replaced

Is your house full of things you don’t need or that can easily be replaced at little to no cost? If so, toss them out. Go through each cabinet, junk drawer, and closet to find half-used items that are just taking up space and don’t need to be moved. These are normally things that just cost a few bucks to replace such as:

  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towel 
  • Spices and Open Boxes of Food 
  • Plastic baggies 
  • Opened Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s nice to start fresh anyway.

2. Pack Things Together that Go in the Same Room

To make it easier on yourself, in the long run, put things that go together in the same box. If you’re packing up your office, you’ll want everything to stay together so that you can easily unpack your office. Put all the books together in one box. Put all your supplies together in another. It’s simple, and it will save you a headache.

3. Plan for the Big Day

Always plan. Before you move, schedule the day and time. That way you know how much time you’re allowed to pack. Don’t wait until the last minute because that’s when things will get sloppy and messy.

4. Create Checklists

As much as you’d like to think you’ll remember everything, you won’t. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make lists. Create checklists of all the things you need to pack when you’ll do it, and how many things will be packed together.

5. Use Original Boxes for Moving the Big Things

If you’re moving big things like televisions and appliances, it’s easier and safer to move them in the boxes they came in. The last thing you want is a shattered television because you didn’t take proper care of packing it up.

6. Pack Little by Little Each Day

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed, pack a little each day. For example, you can pack up decorations months before. Stick these in a box, label it, and don’t worry about them again until the big day. Save things like clothes and toiletries till last.

7. Label all Boxes Accurately

You should label every box, no matter how small it is. There’s nothing worse than needing to search for an important document and having no idea where it is. Use a sharpie and mark each box with the room it came from and what’s in it.

8. Pack with Numbers

Another way to stay organized is to put a number on each box. After you do that, write the same number on top of a sheet of paper. On that paper, write everything in the box. Just make sure you don’t lose these lists.

9. Use Bags Instead of Hangers for Clothes

Instead of folding clothes and boxing them up, stick your clothes in a garbage bag. To do this, keep all clothes on their hangers. Then, put a plastic bag over them and poke the hanger handles out. It’s easy to transport and keeps them from getting wrinkled.

Concise Packing Makes for an Easy Move

Following these tips will make your move easier. You won’t be stressing last minute to make sure you don’t forget everything. This also ensures that you won’t be stressing at the new home to find everything.

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