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Whether you’re relocating your business around the corner or across New York City, Cheap Movers Brooklyn is the go-to resource for local Brooklyn office movers. Commercial moving companies are experienced: they know how to pack, load, and move your equipment and furniture. Office desks and cubicles must be carefully taken apart, secured and labeled, then reassembled in the new office location. Trained professionals are the smart choice for packing printers and fax machines, computer systems, data storage, or delicate medical equipment. Experienced office moving companies keep everything organized – setting up your next New York location as fast as possible to reduce downtime. Using a professional moving company ensures your business will be up and running as quickly as possible.


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Brooklyn’s Best Commercial Moving Services

Leave the business of moving your business to the professionals, with reliable services from Brooklyn’s top moving companies:


Local Office Moving

Even if you’re relocating your business locally in the New York City area, moving offices still means unplugging computers, printers, and phone equipment, packing up and labeling every component, and moving heavy files and desks. Our Brooklyn area office movers have the training and experience to move and re-assemble office furniture and to pack all your documents and supplies. Cheap Movers Brooklyn knows the most qualified commercial moving companies. Let us help you find the movers you need to facilitate your office or small business relocation.


Long Distance Office Relocation

Moving your office and business out of Brooklyn to a new city is complicated, but with expert help it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our moving companies in the Brooklyn-NYC area will meet with your office staff and provide a detailed quote and moving plan. Keep your out-of-state move on schedule and on-budget by hiring a team of experienced office movers. They’ll professionally pack and label everything, so it arrives safely, and ready for the unpacking team at your new location.


Business Storage

Moving your office or business often means placing important files and equipment in storage. If your company needs short- or long-term storage in Brooklyn, hire a commercial office mover that has warehouse and storage services. Our Cheap Movers Brooklyn database has office movers with storage facilities, to make your relocation go as smoothly as possible.


Specialty Business Moving

Whether you’re moving medical or imaging equipment, industrial equipment, a salon or spa, restaurant, or retail space, moving your business might require professionally trained, commercial relocation movers. Don’t go it alone when you have fragile or bulky equipment to move – we’ll refer you to a licensed, bonded and insured New York City moving company.


Business Employee Relocation

Cheap Movers Brooklyn partners with experienced, reliable movers in the Brooklyn and New York City areas to coordinate moving your business. If you’re relocating employees, they’ll need professional support. After all, they’re moving themselves and your business! Let us find you an NYC moving company that offers commercial and residential relocation services. The movers in our network are insured and trained in packing, furniture protection, and storage. They know how to handle long-distance moving – and coordinate setting up employees in their new location, for a smoother transition.

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How to Organize Moving Your Business

Whether you’re relocating a small office or large corporation, the same guidelines apply for getting organized, packing, and moving your business.

  • Plan ahead – way ahead. Let your staff know you’re moving as far in advance as possible. Schedule some time every week for each employee to prepare.  
  • Reduce clutter and purge old files. For most businesses, files over a certain age (5-10 years) can be destroyed. Use a shredding service for security, and check with your accountant – some tax files need to be kept long-term. 
  • Separate any files and records that are going to long term storage (legal and medical, for example) and send them ahead to your storage facility. 
  • Take this opportunity to reduce paper records – if you use paper files for current clients, consider replacing them with software- it’s 2018!
  • Clean out clutter around the office – ask employees to take home unnecessary personal items. Organize and purge closets and storage rooms – they’re probably full of outdated equipment, old gift baskets, and office supplies no one uses anymore. Donate to your local schools and churches – they always need office supplies, and even take empty ink cartridges for fundraising.
  • Inventory every piece of office furniture and equipment; now is the time to toss anything that’s unused or broken. A new office is a fresh start, so take time to reorganize and ensure each employee has an efficient workspace with furnishings in good condition.
  • Finish your furniture inventory a few weeks before the move – sell or donate any surplus furniture. Having some empty space makes organizing and packing much easier.
  • Check the age and condition of electronics, including computers, printers, and phone equipment. It may be more cost-effective to replace old equipment rather than paying to move it.  Once you confirm all equipment is in working order, consider whether you’ll move it to the new business location.
  • Donate or recycle any old computer equipment. Most cities have programs to recycle old monitors; cords and cables are recyclable for their copper. It’s important not to put computers and monitors in the landfill.
  • Create a digital inventory file or spreadsheet of your furniture and equipment to track everything during the move. Also, be sure to give a copy to your accountant at tax time.
  • Use large colored labels for packing and give each department or employee a different color. Create a standard labeling system to avoid confusion: “Department/Employee” for example.
  • Back up all computers and make sure you have a secure copy of all your data before disassembling each workstation.
  • Each employee should have their desk area packed before the movers arrive. Have them use their assigned color to label everything – including computers, printers, cords and cables they’re going to use at the new location. Pack one box with all computer, phone, and printer cords for quick setup.
  • Pack a box with the essentials – paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, coffee maker, snacks – to help settle in on moving day. Label it clearly “Open First”.  Make sure the movers load that box last and unload it first!  You’ll be able to set up your kitchen/break area and bathrooms right away.

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