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Software That Helps You Design Your New Apartment Floor Plan

When the time comes to plan out your new living space, or rearrange your existing home, there are applications and software available to make the task less stressful. In some cases, these tools can even make designing a new floor plan an intriguing and interesting experience. Here are some of the best apps available for designing floor plans.

HomeStyler 3D

One good design tool for planning out the look and feel of your home environment is HomeStyler 3D. For starters, this tool is free to sign up for, so you don’t have to pay to give it a try. This software features pre-planned room layouts that are ready to implement. These looks include styles from urban chic to rustic farmhouse, so you can find something that suits your taste.

If the designs offered through the software simply do not align with what you have in mind, you have the option of uploading pictures of your own furniture and adding them to a customized floor plan. If you decide your existing pieces simply won’t suit your new space, you can always just buy any furniture you may happen to like directly through the software.


Even though its name may sound like a contradiction, Magicplan is a smart and savvy way to take the worry out of bringing together that new floor space. This is one of those applications that specializes in range and versatility. The value of this tool comes from its ability to change the dimensions and locations of the furniture intended to fill a room. In fact, the adjustments and measurements made within the app work to scale.

Where other tools can leave you guessing all the way up to the walkthrough, this one gives professional results upfront. It also operates incredibly fast with great user ease.

Planner 5D

The term “floor plan” really does not apply when it comes to describing Planner 5D. This software does more than make sure that furniture has a place on the floor. It also takes things like stairs, dividing walls, windows, and doors into account to provide a more accurate service. The software even allows you to design an outdoor living space, which is crucial to creating a polished and cohesive look inside and out. Where other software can be useful in function but limited network wise, this programming works online, and with iOS and Android devices.

The software even has a community feature that makes sharing ideas and solutions nearly unlimited. The community of users itself has millions of members to make connections with, so finding inspiration is a snap.

Before the residential movers arrive to load up your furniture, rugs, and other belongings, you can have the entire floor plan for your new place mapped out digitally. If you still need to find movers, there’s an app for that too! Just submit your information using the quote form above and Cheap Movers Brooklyn will help you find affordable furniture movers to tackle your relocation.

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