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You may be eager to see your piano in its new home, but are you prepared to move it there? Pianos are symbols of class, music, and memories. They are also heavy, awkward, and impractical to relocate. Our Brooklyn piano movers are experienced professionals. They will eliminate the stress and danger from the piano moving process.


Everyone wants to keep their piano moving costs as low as possible, so keep in mind that piano damage or bodily injury will only raise the price! Our Brooklyn piano moving companies are affordable and friendly. We can get you in touch with the best Brooklyn piano movers today.

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Brooklyn Piano Movers Cost

The average cost of Philadelphia piano movers is between $300 and $600. Several factors influence the final cost of hiring professional movers to transport your instrument, including:


  • Type of Piano: It makes sense that moving a small upright piano is less expensive than moving a bulky grand. Your piano moving company will consider the size, weight, and shape of your instrument before assigning a price.
  • Age of the Piano: Pieces of your piano will change and compress over time. As your piano ages, it becomes crucial than ever to move the instrument carefully. Our piano movers will safeguard your priceless piece with the expertise they have accumulated over the years.
  • Stairs: Navigating stairs with a piano might be one of the trickiest tasks in existence. Your piano mover will likely charge by the stair. They may also charge for narrow doorways, sharp turns, and lengthy walks, so ask your movers about additional fees.
  • Required Services: Will you need short-term storage, disassembly, or reassembly? Our fantastic piano movers provide everything from special crating to tune-ups. Your service selection will affect the final price.
  • The Distance of the Move: Your cost will increase with extra time and fuel. A cross-country piano move is more expensive than a local move, but Cheap Movers Brooklyn is dedicated to finding you a reasonably-priced piano moving service.

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Piano Moving Services in Brooklyn

A piano is a complex instrument with hundreds of critical pieces, and they can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. Moving a piano that heavy is not an average task.


To relocate a piano, you might need to learn how to disassemble and reassemble it, and you will have to invest in the correct moving equipment. Why not eliminate the time and stress by hiring a Brooklyn piano mover? We have identified the most knowledgeable piano movers in Brooklyn so that you can know for sure you’ll enjoy world-class service.


Piano Disassembly

We don’t recommend trying to cut costs by relying on YouTube to help you disassemble your piano. Imagine damaging your valuable instrument in the process. On the other hand, Brooklyn piano moving companies disassemble pianos daily. They know every step of the process and all the tricks of the trade.


Special Piano Moving Equipment

How will you transport your piano in and out of the moving truck? Some pianos do best on dollies, while others will require piano lifts, tilting equipment, and more. Experienced piano movers know what you need to get the job done right. They will show up at your door with exceptional tools and equipment.


Piano Storage

Storing a piano improperly can warp and weather the instrument. Parts can crack, pieces can shift, and the piano won’t play like it once did. However, there is a way to shelter your instrument appropriately. Our do-it-all Brooklyn piano movers offer safe piano storage options, complete with climate-control and proven security measures.


Local Piano Moving

Our experts provide a turnkey local piano moving service so you won’t have to lift a finger during your piano move. We understand you have plenty on your plate without trying to wrap your head around transporting an enormous instrument! For affordable and efficient local piano moving, you can trust our vetted piano movers. Brooklyn residents rely on Cheap Movers Brooklyn to find the best pros for the job.


Long Distance Piano Moving

You’re not the first person to hopelessly wonder how you’ll get your precious piano across the country. Our piano moving companies take a seemingly impossible task and make it simple. They have streamlined the long-distance piano moving process. They will move your piano from point A to point B without a scratch – or a mental breakdown!


Piano Reassembly

The last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is to sit down and attempt to reassemble a piano. Without professional piano movers, you may let your piano sit in parts in a corner for weeks – or years! Our qualified movers will quickly reassemble your instrument before they leave the scene. Whatever your piano moving needs may be, our experts are on your side– call Cheap Movers Brooklyn today.

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